Ancillary Equipment

Systo Global Consulting engineers designs and manufactures a vast array of ancillary equipment. These include equipment for the preparation and post handling of dried products

Stainless Steel Cutting Tables

Durable quality stainless steel tables designed to client specification. Most common tables have a working area of 1150mm x 2400mm

Mango Cutting Line

The conveyor line is fitted with an adjustable cutter assembly. All the components are from corrosion resistant stainless-steel (304) and food grade plastics. The belt width and length can be made to client specifications

The cutter head and conveyor can be started and operated individually. The blade-belt clearance is adjustable by hand and client-side maintenance team can be trained to set this clearance

Any cutting width desired, within reasonable range, is possible. (This is the spacing between the blades). This spacing can be adjusted by ordering new spacer units (and more blades, as less spacing means more blades and spacers).

S02 Automated Spray Bath


Preservation automated conveyor applicator

• SS 304 Conveyor designed to client specification

• SS 304 Cover and inspection hatch

• Extraction fan

• Automation and sensor

• PLC with control and calibration

• Control box

• Pump system with tank

• Lights inside sprayer

• Drip tray and collection

• Estimated throughput range 6 – 8 trays/minute


This Line is after the mango cutter, drying racks are positioned below the mango cutter and provide opportunity to spread out the mangoes to be ready for the SO2 applicator.Stainless-steel welded drying tray line. Custom client specification

Hot Water Bath - For Fresh Produce Preparation

Stainless steel  hot water bath with circulation designed fully to client specification.

Conventional SO2 Bathy And Extraction Hood

Welded frame and body from 3 mm thick stainless-steel plate for sturdy structure including a drain valve. The SO2 bath is covered with a SS extraction hood which includes a non-corrosive fan. Custom ducting to the outside roof.

Custom throughput capacities available.

Stainless steel welded fittings for easy pipe connections